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Experience all the wonders that the Fez Medina has to offer with our local travel guide!
Skip the stress of planning your trip through the labyrinth of winding streets in the historic
center – your tour guide will provide an insider’s perspective and lead you to all the main
attractions. As you wander past ancient city walls, blue tiled gates, and bustling city
squares, our knowledgeable tour leader will share about the history and cultural
significance of this UNESCO Heritage Site. You’ll end the tour by getting a snapshot of daily
life in Fez when we sit down with a Moroccan family over a pot of locally sourced tea.

● Tour the Fez Medina with a local guide
● Visit the top city landmarks at your own pace.
● Learn about history and cultural significance of the landmarks in Fez.
● Enjoy Moroccan tea with a local family!

What to Expect


● Fez Medina Tour

  • Our Fez Medina tour will commence in the historic center, where we can take
    in the famous sites. Our tour guides have extensive knowledge about the
    city’s history, and together, we’ll travel back in time to the 8th century when
    Fez was built.
  • Learn about the history and culture of Morocco.
  • Our guides will bring the history of this magnificent city to life with their
    masterful storytelling and in-depth knowledge of the Fez Medina. Our entire
    team is local and can provide insights on the area that can’t be found
  •   Visit with a Moroccan tea with a local family.

    ○ At the end of our tour, we will be sitting down and savoring a hot cup of
    Moroccan tea with a local family. Here you can relax, chat with locals, and
    get away from the hustle and bustle of the city before continuing your
    vacation. You’ll see a side of Morocco that can’t be found in travel blogs.
    Wanting to learn more about specific customs in Fez? Or hoping to get
    recommendations for the best restaurants? Our tour will provide you with
    ○ the perfect opportunity to get all your questions answered by locals!

Built years ago in different times, with clay, bricks or rubble, the ancient walls of Fez have
several fortified gates allowing entry to the Medina. The tour includes the visit of the gates
(among which Bab Boujloud) and the tour of the ancient walls leading into Kasbah Filala
built under the Almohade dynasty between 1199-1214 to welcome the emigrants of
Taflalet. The tour continues with Kasbah des Cherradas and the Borj Nord, a military
fortress erected in 1582,by Sultan Saadien Ahmed El Mansour, which now houses the Arm
museum. From Borj Nord, the tour will take you to to the Palais Jamai, an ancient palace of
18th century. The Tour outside the walls leads to the potters' area, an immense workshop
where artisans display their skills in pottery, tiles zelliges…
Then the ramparts at Bab Ftouh and the Borj South which faces its twin brother located on
the north side of Fez, offering a splendid view of the city from a different angle.


The daytrip starts with a drive across a fertile agricultural region: cultures of cereal grins,
vegetables and oil production…Once it reached the mountain pass of Zagota, the road
carves through forests of eucalyptus, plantations of olive and fig trees. On a vast plain, you
will discover the Roman ruins of Volubilis. After spending one hour to admire the ruins of
this Roman city, the journey continues towards the holy city of Moulay Idriss. Things to see:
the panorama and the round and white minaret, decorated with verses from the Koran in
green mosaics.
Upon arrival in Meknes, a magnificent view of the Medina will enchant your eyes. The visit
begins with the tour of the ramparts and their 17th century gates: Bab Berdaine, Bab
Khémis. It continues with the discovery of the city through its stables (Roua), granaries
(Héri) and the Haras. A must see is the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, which, for a very long
time, was the only mosque in Morocco that allowed the visit of non-Muslims. Through the
famous Bab Mansour, the vast El. Hedim Square waits to be explored. On the other side of
the square, the museum of Moroccan Art“Dar Jamai" offers a large variety of handicrafts.
You will have a short promenade in the Medina before returning to Fez.

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